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La historia completa

Nuestra misión

Nuestra misión es ofrecer nutrición en un mundo en constante cambio lleno de comodidades para llevar.

Creemos que la falta de tiempo o de opciones no debe ser la razón por la que comprometa su salud y comodidad. Las comidas pueden y deben brindarle a su cuerpo la satisfacción y la nutrición que necesita, ¡sin dejar de tener un buen sabor!


En Pink Carrot, ofrecemos comidas elaboradas con amor utilizando alimentos integrales.

rico en vitaminas, minerales y enzimas. Creamos alimentos saludables sin sacrificar el sabor.

Nuestra pequeña barra de batidos se esfuerza por inspirarlo a tomar el control de su propia salud.

¡La comida es una forma de empezar! 

  • What sets Pink Carrot apart from other juice bars and restaurants?
    At Pink Carrot, we believe food is the connection between a healthy mind and body. What we choose to put into our bodies is an extremely important factor in leading a healthy and happy life. Food, minerals, and vitamins benefit not only our overall physical health, but also our mental well being too! As a result, Pink Carrot will be offering quality, delicious food. We believe by eating a balanced meal of protein, healthy fat, and fiber you can stabilize your blood sugar which promotes satiety and curbs cravings. Our meals are crafted using organic, locally sourced foods whenever available. Whether you are sitting and staying a while or picking up on the go, we want you to indulge in great tasting food that is nutritious and delicious. We are committed to treating you like family!
  • How did the bunny girl come to be? Does she have a name?
    Our bunny girl, Frances, is modeled after the owner, JoAnn, who has a love for simple, healthy food and bunnies!
  • Where did this all start?
    It all started in 2020 during quarantine when JoAnn realized there was a lack of healthy eateries in Boston. After living in Florida for many years, it seemed that there weren’t enough options in this city to grab a clean, nutritious meal. So, she wanted to share her recipes with her neighbors and community. Real food can be simple, delicious, and nutritious, and that’s what Pink Carrot strives to offer for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!
  • Our loyal customers:
    When planning the design and menu of the Pink Carrot, it had to encompass a whole vibe that complemented the food. The two go hand in hand. We aim for a place that is inviting and upbeat, where you can leave your worries outside and stay a while. Relax, try something new, and make connections with people who prioritize good health. It’s not just a place to eat but a place to connect. We are grateful to our loyal customers who come from near and far, to all our friends and family. Thank you!

“El médico del futuro no dará medicinas pero interesará a sus pacientes en el cuidado del cuerpo humano, en la dieta y en la causa y prevención de enfermedades.”

- Thomas Edison 

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